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Nimo Drone Security: new innovation partner of the NS

Nimo Drone Security as well as our new collaboration with the NS, the principal passenger railway operator in the Netherlands, were recently mentioned in a blog post by drone innovation platform Space53. As an innovation partner of the NS, Nimo Drone Security is heavily involved in the process of coming up with solutions to security issues the NS is currently dealing with. The daily newspaper ‘De Telegraaf’ also wrote an article about the cat-and-mouse game between the NS and taggers. The NS has to spend millions of euros each year on the clean-up alone.

Nimo Drone Security is an innovation partner of the NS and allows for new possibilities when it comes to prevention and control through the usage of its groundbreaking total concept Spider Control. The security of complex, extensive sites and objects can now be extensively robotized through the deployment of this total concept. The human factor within this process, of course, remains indispensable.

Nimo Drone Security aims to completely relieve organizations and institutions of the considerable burden of technology and aviation legislation. In addition, we provide a course that will train your staff to become certified drone pilots. In doing so, Nimo Drone Security continues to pave the way for future development and expansion. To be able to retain the interest of organizations such as the NS is a definite confirmation of this.


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